Resource Management: A Way to Prioritize Resources

Why Resource Management? Resource management entails the effective and efficient distribution and deployment of any organization’s resources, as they are needed.  An organization’s resources may include inventory, finance, information technology, human skills and production resources. Resource management software can therefore … Read More

Project Management System: Manage and Analyze Your Projects

In huge industries, it is really very difficult to manually calculate or estimates the accurate demand and supply of resources for the future needs. Project resource management can take long time and can be difficult, specifically while critical resources simply … Read More

Define Working Hours Using New Slider Feature

Organizations require their resources to work for different hours. This is easy and can be done directly by adding multiple working calendars and assigning resources to different calendars that suits their working pattern. The new slider feature within eResource Scheduler … Read More

New eResource Scheduler Video – It’s Live

Words cannot explain as good as a video can. There is nothing like a video explaining your application. Below is the latest tour video of eResource Scheduler 4.0.1, watch out the latest features of our application.

eResource Scheduler 4.0.1 – Released

Project management is as old as humanity, Mohan-Jo-Daro and Great Wall of China are the live example of those projects which were managed and controlled a long time ago. Many projects failed because of improper management of resources, which in-turn … Read More

Quick and Easy Management of Resources with Bulk Edit Functionality

eResource Scheduler have “Bulk Edit” functionality which helps the user to edit resources of same type in bulk. With this feature, user can select any number of resources and modify them according to the requirement, but the resources should be of … Read More

Important Functions Performed by Management Software

Managing of resources in an organization is not an easy task. Employees are tasked with the responsibility of enhancing the productivity of the firm which needs a lot of planning. Employee Management Software is vital in project management tasks in … Read More

A Gist About The Functioning Of Resource Management

One of the major challenges that businesses face today is the lack of effective resource management. In order for a business to manage its human and product resources in a successful manner, it requires support. Nowadays, with the advent of … Read More

Plan, Allocate and Manage Your Resources

Planning is the very initial step for a resource to be allocated. Allocation is the scheduling of activities by taking into account both the resource availability and project time. Resources can be of any type, it can be human resources, … Read More

Ensuring Business Success Through Resource Management

It is a known fact that small businesses dominate the market today. There are more small business establishments in existence today as compared to medium and large companies. This is why competition in the small business level is fierce and … Read More