19 Best Resource Management Software & Tools of 2022

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In today's hyper-competitive business arena, companies are under constant pressure – to deliver more in less time and with fewer resources. Juggling between different projects, working with multiple types of resources, squeezing in large amounts of work within a short time frame – are all part of a day's work. Not many companies have mastered the art of project resource management. The result - productivity takes a hit, discontent increases among employees, and overall project performance comes down. The assets of a business are its people. Hence, to ensure that your business races ahead – you need to learn the art of striking the right balance between the capacity and demand of this unique asset. With companies hiring employees across branches, cities, and even countries – it's no longer possible to manage multiple resources manually. Businesses have to look beyond spreadsheets for resource allocation. A professional resource management software can help you overcome the challenges of handling and allocating resources, helping you simplify and add efficiency to the process.

Here, in this guide, we list out the top resource management softwares to consider for your enterprise in the upcoming year. The tools will help you manage your resources smartly, helping you get your projects on track.

The abundance of resources for project management is good but mismanagement is not. Often, plenty of resources can leave you with immense confidence that you can manage a situation. But not keeping track of what you have missed or lost can take you to the point below ground. If you fail to agree, you need to understand what is resource management?

What is resource management? Why is it important?

Resource management is the practice to plan, track, and optimally utilizing all the available resources for a project. The resources may include staff, finances, equipment, and space. The activity that involves resource planning and how you would utilize the resources at hand is called resource management.

Deploying the resources to drive a project towards completion is a challenging task and that defines success for you. During the process of resource management, you also need to keep into account the deadlines of the project while managing resource conflicts or dependencies. For full-proof expected project delivery is also a part of resource management.

What does a Resource Management Software do?

Resource planning and management Software is a tool that aids companies to plan the capital and human resources in favor of smooth project management and completion. The software resource allocation tool helps to:

  • Assign humans to a project.
  • Allocate budgets to a project.
  • Schedule and decide the timelines of the project.
  • Monitor the performance of the resources and the stages of the project.

The resource management software is highly favorable to use when:

  • You look for on-time project completion.
  • You want profits to increase substantially.
  • You want to fetch new projects in competition.

19 Best Resource Management Software & Tools Overview

  1. eResource Scheduler:

    Hands down, it's the best enterprise resource management software for 2022. eResource Scheduler is a resource planning and management tool. It is configurable to the core and comes loaded with powerful features including resource scheduling chart, custom fields & forms, configurable working calendars, flexible user access rights, configurable resource utilization, project management reports, email notifications, calendar integration, REST API and the list goes on…. and on.

    This versatile resource allocation software designed to ground up to be in line with the daily resource management requirements of organizations and helps you to overcome all resource management pain points with a single package. It's available as both a cloud-based and an on-premise solution. Since it was launched in 2011, it has been adopted by businesses of all types and sizes.

    The informative dashboard of this software offers all the important information on a single screen. Scheduling chart in Gantt chart view offers convenient and productive functionality like comprehensive filters to identify qualified resources, drag-and-drop scheduling, extend & shorten, cut/copy/paste, and split. These features make resource planning and scheduling a breeze and also help in balancing workload.

    Highly configurable resource management reports (with graphs & charts) like resource utilization reports, availability reports, and financial reports will provide you with accurate data at all levels of the organization. Configurable email notifications and calendar integration ensure that users are up-to-date even when they do not log in to the application.


    • Easy to use drag-and-drop scheduling for quick resource allocation
    • Configurable scheduling chart with multiple views
    • A powerful dashboard that pulls up all resource allocation information with a few clicks
    • Leave / vacation handling
    • Create custom fields & forms to make the tool highly tailored to the needs of your business
    • Powerful reports that help in making resource allocation smarter
    • Configurable Email notifications
    • Calendar Integration with third-party apps
    • Flexible access rights on ‘need to know’ basis
    • Timesheets for tracking resource working times


    • A powerful and user-friendly resource planning tool with an easy user interface
    • An affordable resource planning software with the availability of a free version
    • Click and drag easily to use tools
    • Scalable
    • Simplifies resource allocation


    Versions Available: On-premise version and cloud version

    Pricing: Starts at $5 per resource per month. Free trial available.

    Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes, looking to optimize resource allocation and scheduling

  2. Trusted By

  3. nTask Manager


    nTask is a free project management tool that also includes basic resource allocation features. If you're a small organization and require just the basic resource and project management features, then this tool works for you. It allows you to track the time clocked by resources and helps you calculate the financials easily.

    While it doesn't have an extensive resource management module, it has adequate project management features that help you allocate resources efficiently, staying on track of your project goals.


    • Easy to get started.
    • Individual hourly rate for resources based on their skill sets, projects/tasks they are working on, etc.
    • Get an overview of the schedule of resources via Gantt charts
    • Set billable or non-billable tasks
    • Timesheets that help you track daily, weekly or monthly time spent on projects


    • Convenient team management facility.
    • Affordable tool @2.99$/month with free trial offer.
    • Quick track on all the activities and resources.
    • Value for money and easy to use software.
    • Excellent features.


    • Not installed on Mac/Windows.
    • In-person training not available. Only online, webinars, and documentation facilities.

    Versions Available: Available as a web app and also for mobiles (both Android and iOS).

    Pricing: Available in Basic (Free Version), Premium, Business, and Enterprise versions.

    Ideal for: The basic free version is ideal for freelancers and small enterprises.

  4. Resource Guru

    Resource Guru

    It's one of the most popular resource manager software and has been around for quite some time. It helps you add tasks/bookings based on the availability of resources. It comes with a smart calendar that allows project managers to set the status of a particular task as billable or non-billable.

    A highlight of Resource Guru is that it makes handling leave management a breeze. Project managers can quickly view which resources are available and when thereby making it easy to allocate and plan projects accordingly.


    • Personal dashboards for all team members, to see tasks allocated to them and to track individual work
    • Drag and drop functionality for resource allocation
    • Downloadable resource utilization reports
    • Custom fields and customized permissions


    • User-friendly, informative, and detailed platform to organize work.
    • Quick and easy software.


    • It is difficult to track who booked the slot on schedule.
    • Lack detailed categories like products/clients that could make filters easy.
    • Less color options in the reports or data inputs.

    Versions Available: Grasshopper (all features except reports); Blackbelt (all features including reports); Master (all features plus phone support and data import)

    Pricing: Grasshopper – $2.50 per person per month. Blackbelt – $4.16 per person per month. Master - $6.15 per person per month.

    Ideal for: Larger organizations that include both human and non-human resources.

  5. Mavenlink


    It comes with powerful project resource planning features and resource management tools that help you manage your teams efficiently. It comes loaded with pre-built templates that make it easy to get started with resource scheduling and planning. It also helps accomplishing resource forecasting needs based on current resource availability and project demands, helping you stay ahead.


    • Pre-built templates
    • Resource requirement forecast
    • Find resources based on skill sets


    • Easy time entry.
    • Fast integration with Google Drive.
    • One central location for all the projects.
    • Real tracking of budgets and burn rate.


    • Still needs to make a checklist before marking a task complete.
    • Better visuals needed in the environment.
    • Lacks customization options on projects and tasks.
    • Closer integration needed between bottom-up scheduling and top down capacity planning.

    Versions Available: Teams, Professional, Premier and Enterprise

    Pricing: $19 per month for five users, Professional costs $39 per month per user. For the pricing of Premier and Enterprise, get in touch with the sales team.

    Ideal for: Service-oriented enterprises.

  6. Float


    It helps you visualize your team's availability, thereby making it easy to schedule tasks. One of the most significant benefits of Float is that changes to your team's schedule are updated in real-time, notifying all team members of the schedule changes immediately. You can also visualize your team's schedule day-by-day by zooming in or zoom out for a broader view.


    • Live schedule change updates
    • Visualization of team availability and workload
    • Easy to assign tasks with drag-and-drop tools


    • Easy to use and good layout.
    • Excellent visual presentation of the project status.
    • Allows better resource management.


    • Missing integration.
    • Lack of central control over the lists such as task names. It is a problem if more than one person is using the system.
    • Reports seem complicated.

    Versions Available: Single plan with all features included.

    Pricing: It costs $5 per month for each resource.

    Ideal for: Project managers who work better with visual inputs.

  7. Hub Planner

    Hub Planner

    It's an enterprise resource management software that comes loaded with a wide array of features. The biggest highlight of Hub Planner is its extensive reporting module. You can make use of heat maps and other sophisticated tools to generate powerful reports that highlight problems with resource utilization and gaps in resource availability. Project managers can share, print, or export these reports to share it with management and HR.


    • Drag and drop resource scheduler
    • Timesheets to compare the planned vs. actual time spent on projects
    • A comprehensive dashboard
    • Powerful reports that help in forecasting resource requirements
    • 60-days free trial


    • Ease of use and navigation.
    • Drag and drop feature for convenience.
    • Free trial available and affordable tool.


    • Unable to adjust dates in the dashboard.
    • Convenient project status tracker should be used in the software.

    Versions Available: Plug and Play, Premium and Enterprise

    Pricing: The Plug and Play version costs $7 per resource per month.

    Ideal for: Large enterprises that require powerful reports

  8. Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects

    Though primarily a project management software, it has plenty of management resource features that support resource planning and scheduling. It has an in-built resource utilization chart that helps you check the availability of resources at a glance.

    It has an innovative see-saw design. One end of the see-saw shows resource allocation, while the other end shows resource availability. A balanced see-saw indicates that the resource is utilized efficiently. It also has colour codes that make it easy to spot available resources quickly. One major drawback is that all these features are only available with the Premium and Enterprise plans.


    • Check resource availability visually
    • Resource utilization chart
    • Drag and drop interface for resource allocation


    • Automates document processes.
    • Easy search and retrieval.


    • Poor dashboard functionality.
    • Zoho has multiple features but users cannot make sure that they are using all the features.
    • Lack of bug tracking.
    • Task search ability needs improvement.

    Versions Available: Standard, Express, Premium, and Enterprise

    Pricing: The Standard plan is the lowest priced plan and costs $20 per month for up to 10 team members.

    Ideal for: Due to steep pricing, it’s primarily ideal for large enterprises.

  9. LiquidPlanner

    Liquid planner

    It's a smart project management software that contains all the essential features for resource management. It gives you intelligent resource workload distribution reports, helping you to balance workloads among all team members. It comes with a resource-levelling functionality that prevents over/underutilization of resources.


    • Real-time resource workload report
    • Task prioritization and automated project scheduling
    • Fair distribution of workload


    • Email integration is fast.
    • Convenient dashboard for quick views.
    • Fast estimation and quick time tracking of the work.


    • The interface of the software tool is messy. Spotting things is difficult.
    • Automatic filter updates if you switch between your existing page and someone else’s task.
    • Security permissions need to be flexible.
    • Scheduling concepts are unfamiliar with Gantt Charts and MS Projects.

    Versions Available: Professional and Enterprise

    Pricing: The Professional plan costs $45 per month per user and comes with an annual contract and a minimum requirement of 5 users.

    Ideal for: Large enterprises that require automated resource allocation capabilities.

  10. Saviom


    It's a complete project management software that has a dedicated resource management module. Additionally, the tool also provides you with various handy features like reporting and project analytics. It has a custom report generation framework that makes it easy to build custom enterprise timesheet management reports. Reports generated in the tool can be exported as PDF or Excel worksheets.


    • Allows for third-party tools integration
    • Automatic notifications to project managers in case of resource conflicts
    • Single dashboard for tracking all resources
    • Customizable reports


    • Excellent filters and comprehensive detailed reports.
    • Assured Vendor support.


    • The system access fee is high. It is charged every time a new user tries to enter the software.

    Versions Available: Power License and Lite License

    Pricing: The pricing is not available online. Get in touch with Saviom to get customized price quotes.

    Ideal for: Enterprises that are looking for resource management as part of their project management tool.

  11. Teamdeck:

    If you're looking for a simple resource management tool without advanced features, then Teamdeck perfectly fits the bill. The simple user interface is quite easy to get started with and doesn't require extensive onboarding. It's dedicated time management software that handles resource scheduling, leaves management and time tracking.


    • Warnings are issued if resource allocations overlap
    • Leave management to track employee availability
    • Assign tasks based on the expertise of resources
    • Sync Teamdeck with other project management apps using Zapier


    • Excellent UI/UX interface.
    • Convenient project-based time tracking.
    • Provides good analytics to project managers.


    • Lacks user idle function to store the time the user is away from the desktop.
    • Doesn’t show the real time situation and every time the system has to be refreshed.

    Versions Available: Startup Plan and Business Plan

    Pricing: The Startup Plan is free but limited to a maximum of 2 team members. The Business Plan costs $3.99 per team member per month.

    Ideal for: Teams that are looking for a no-frill resource management tool.

  12. Harvest



    It’s a simple time tracking software that helps businesses calculate accurately the time duration for projects. While most employees agree that time tracking plays a crucial role in project management, remembering to track actual working hours, every time they start a task is a huge challenge. Harvest overcomes this challenge by making it super easy for businesses to track time and expenses.

    What does it do?

    It's a cloud-based time tracking tool that works for businesses as well as freelancers. It offers one-click time entry and users can track their work times using various devices: desktop, mobile, tablets and more.


    • Flexible time tracking – Track time as you work or enter the time once you’ve completed a task.
    • Overview of the entire team – With a glance, project managers can see who’s worked for how long, who’s overworked and who can handle more.
    • Intuitive Reports – Harvest converts timesheet data into intuitive visual reports that give valuable information about projects.
    • Automatic invoice generation – Convert timesheet data into billable hours.
    • Forecast – A special feature of Harvest that creates schedules for upcoming projects, based on timesheet insights, helping you make smarter resource decisions.


    • Simple and flexible resource management app
    • Mobile apps are also better to use.
    • Affordable software tool.
    • Great tracking for billable time.


    • Discrepancy between the website and desktop app.
    • Fails to batch-assign time to employees.
    • Lack of features to send notification.
    • Poor customer support.

    Free Trial Available? Free 30-day trial with all features. No credit card is required.

    Pricing: The Pro version of Harvest costs $12 per person per project per month. You are eligible for 10% discount when you take an annual plan.

  13. Forecast



    It is a cloud-based project management software that helps businesses of all sizes plan and execute projects on time.

    What does it do?

    It helps businesses keep track of project requirements, allocate the right resources and predict requirements ahead of time. Resource scheduling, time-tracking, multiple user collaboration, alert and notifications - it's an all-in-one project management software.


    • Forecast integrates with several-other third-party business management tools like Github, Harvest, Google docs, Google Calendar and plenty more.
    • It has Kanban boards, budget tracking tools and rate cards offering end-to-end project management.
    • The data-driven engine and machine learning algorithms help project managers estimate project costs and resources accurately.


    • Perfect tool for traffic management.
    • Zooming in and out the granular data.
    • Easy assigning of the workload depending on the upcoming project.


    • Lacks integration.
    • Project visualization becomes a task.
    • The interface of the software is not intuitive. It is difficult to see what a team member is doing.

    Free Trial Available? 14-day full access with no credit card required for the free trial.

    Pricing: It follows a pricing model based on the plan type and the number of users. Standard plans start from $24 per month, while premium plans start from $39 per month.

  14. Meister Plan

    Meister Plan


    It offers Lean Project Portfolio Management and Resource Management in a single software that is hosted on the cloud.

    What does it do?

    It helps you easily manage project pipelines and track progress right from project start to completion. Additionally, it helps you assess realistically whether a project fits your portfolio before you take it on. One interesting feature of Meister Plan is that when project scenarios change, it helps you see the impacts not just on the project timeline, but also how it affects employee schedules, financials and more. You can then take the right steps to ensure the project is completed on time, despite the schedule changes.


    • Create a master project portfolio and sub-portfolios
    • Track project delivery and milestones
    • Scenario planning
    • See the available resources and their skill sets, so that you can assign the right people to the right task


    • Great solution with fast alignment with projects.
    • Easy monitoring of each project and task.
    • Streamlines complete resource management tool.


    • Quite an expensive software tool.
    • Difficult to establish which project is aligned to overall business goals.
    • Challenge to trace when you are dealing with multiple team members.

    Free Trial Available? 30-days free trial with access to all resources. No credit cards or bank details required for the free trial.

    Pricing: The pricing depends on the number of resources who will be using the software. Monthly plans start from €199 per month for a team of up to 20 resources.

  15. Workfront



    Workfront helps you make the best use of your team's time and talent by removing communication barriers and easing workflows – all from within a single, easy-to-use platform. It combines project management, team collaboration and intelligent work automation so that your team members can deliver their best work on time.

    What does it do?

    Workfront offers three major products:

    • Workfront – A modern project management solution for geographically distributed teams.
    • Workfront Fusion – Connects the Workfront project management solution to other critical.
    • Workfront Library – Helps you create, manage, review, edit and store all digital content of your business in a single place.


    • One place for managing all your work-related tasks
    • Highly configurable to suit the size and needs of your team
    • Integration with other critical business applications


    • All changes are reflected in real time basis.
    • Easy to configure and implement.
    • Easy task management with improved communication convenience.


    • Expensive resource management software tool.
    • Complicated Gantt Chart to handle.

    Free Trial Available? No. But, you can request a free demo.

    Pricing: The pricing model depends on the size of your team. You can send your requirements to receive a custom quote. Choose from four different plans – Team, Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

  16. Timewax




    Your time is money, and Timewax helps you make the most out of your business time. Timewax understands that resource planning is not a one-man show.

    What does it do?

    You can define roles like Resource Planners, Project Managers, Employees, Management, Freelancers, and Contract Workers with specific tasks and access levels.


    • Multi-platform – use it across platforms – desktops and mobiles.
    • Customizable features – Select the features that you need based on the role of each employee.
    • Mobile App – Available for both iOS and Android.
    • API Integration – Seamless integration of the software with other apps like Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, Google Calendar and more.


    • Easy integration with multiple platforms.
    • Also convenient to use on Mobile App.
    • Fast deployment on multiple platforms.
    • Affordable software tool with free trial for the first time.


    Free Trial Available? Yes

    Pricing: Choose from three different plans – Board, Plan, Plus. Plans start from €7 per user per month.

  17. Extron



    What makes Extron different from the other resource management tools on this is list is that it helps in managing non-human resources like AV (audio-visual) gadgets and other devices in your office

    What does it do?

    The Extron Resource Management Software helps in remote monitoring and control of Audio-visual systems and other electronic devices at your office.


    • Remotely monitor and control Audio-Visual systems
    • Global view offers real-time access to all similar devices
    • Room view offers real-time access to all devices in a single room
    • Organize AV devices based on different organizational levels
    • Automated scheduling of devices – turn devices on or off remotely, using preset times


    • Reliable remote monitoring with Free Globalviewer.
    • Real-time data is available.
    • Automated scheduling of remote devices.


    Pricing: Extron offers Free Globalviewer that is available for free. If you opt for the Enterprise version of the GlobalViewer, then you can request a pricing quote.

  18. InLoox



    InLoox is an integrated project management software that operates with Microsoft Outlook. It's available for desktops, handheld devices like tablets and smartphones. It helps in project planning, tracking, scheduling, as well as resource management. It helps in making intra-office communications effective while improving collaboration among teams and team members.

    What does it do?

    InLoox is a project management software that helps in simplifying workflow notifications, while increasing collaborations between team members – who work from the same office, as well as geographically distributed teams. With several handy features like time tracking, mind mapping and outlook synchronization, InLoox helps businesses complete their projects on time and within budget.


    • Outlook Synchronization – InLoox is synchronized with Outlook for efficient emailing and more
    • Mind Mapping Tools – To organize ideas visually
    • InLoox is available for both iOS and Android, making it easy to projects on the go
    • Centralized Dashboard – To monitor project status, and other key milestones, while gaining insights on overall project schedules
    • Time Scheduling – Schedule tasks, activities and milestones either using the web app or mobile app
    • Track resources in real-time – See who has what to do, when to do and more
    • Documents storage – Store all work-related documents securely at one place for easy access


    • Flexible software solution for combined management of projects, teams, tasks, and resources.
    • Regular updates.
    • Excellent web app.
    • Accessible web tutorials if you are stuck.


    • Not great customer service.

    Free Trial Available? Yes, a 30-day free trial is available.

    Pricing: One-time payment for the desktop version (InLoox PM) starts from around $490. You can also choose the program as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option that starts at $24.95 per month per user.

  19. Deskera



    It's an award-winning, cloud ERP platform that helps businesses enhance productivity, boost operational efficiency, track finances, manage both customers and vendors with ease. Deskera business software applications are used by more than 3000 SMEs and businesses across the world. It is suitable for a wide range of industries like trading, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, construction and more.

    What does it do?

    It has a comprehensive and integrated platform that makes it easy to monitor and control purchasing, inventory, billing and sales, product management, financial report and more. Simply put, it gives you insight into the day-to-day business operations in real-time from a single easy-to-use platform.


    • Quick deployment – Since it’s a cloud-based solution, users don’t have to deal with the hassles of downloading the application. All they have to do is sign up and access the software from anywhere.
    • Fully integrated system – Deskera offers a wide range of resource management applications like:
    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • MRP – For optimizing the manufacturing processes
    • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • HRMS – Human Resources Management System
    • PM – Project Management
    • ELEAVE – Automated Leave Application Management System


    • Highly scalable management tool.
    • Free Trial and affordable software.
    • Great support system.


    • Not great customer support.
    • Misses major features.

    Free Trial Available? Yes – a 15-day free trial is available.

    Pricing: Deskera follows a quote-based pricing system depending on the requirements of the client.

What are the benefits of Resource Management Software?

These are the benefits of Resource Management Software:

  1. Reduced Admin Cost.

    When you back the system with the automated tools, it considerably reduces the admin costs. The number of errors reduces because the employees can better concentrate on work. They do not have to bother with the cumbersome book keep-up. Resource tracking software allows project managers to maximize their earning potential and deliver work on time. It further strengthens the relationships with the clients.
  2. Automated System

    Needless to say that resource utilization software can make everything or every action automated for your company. Information from all the ends is stored in the central database. This readily available data can be used to fetch information and take decisions. You can track the availability of resources automatically and get insights on demand and supply.
  3. Increased Accountability.

    With the automated resource tracking software system, you have a view of the activities of each employee. The software tools make it possible for the managers to have all labour and time information recorded. The software makes it possible to view the cost accounted for a particular job.
  4. Conflict Resolution.

    The chances of conflict resolution increase because with resource management software, you know the occupancy status of the resources. It prevents the resources to be double booked. When a resource is over-occupied, the project performance can derail. It can impact the output of the company. The resource management software provides you with real-time information about the resources allowing you to handle tasks.
  5. Growth in Revenue

    When every action falls in place in the entire system, the chances of the revenue to increase gets higher. You can monitor the performance of the employees and check for their workloads. The software generated reports can allow you to make decisions like whether you should take another project or not? More projects and a higher level of performance indicates growth in revenue and profit. When there are benefits associated with resource management software, you must buy the best IT resource management tool for your company. Not sure, how will you choose the software for your organization? Let us discuss it.

How to select the best Resource Management Software?

Here are the ways that can help you choose the best resource management software:

  1. Identify the need for the software tool in your company.
  2. Research the software that offers the best collaboration features with the existing system.
  3. To compare the price and features with the alternative options.
  4. Take feedback. It is important.
  5. Make a plan about how you will implement it. Check for the User Interface and User Experience Navigation.
  6. Check and confirm expandability and configurability.
  7. Check the functionality to maximize the returns and optimize the costs.

There are many competitors and players in the market. Get a hand on the software tools that simplify the process and drive you close to the targets.

Which Resource Management Tool should you choose?

As always, no one tool is the best choice for all. Start by listing out your requirements – what you're looking for, the features that are a must for you, and optional features that are good to have. Then, visit the website of each tool on this list to see if it offers the features that you require.

Most tools on this list come with a free trial version. Give it a try for a few days, to gain first-hand experience of the software. Finally, compare pricing and shortlist the right tool that works best for your organization.

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