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eResource Scheduler

Schedule & Planning

Easy to use and highly configurable. Specially designed to schedule and plan any type of resources e.g. employees, staff, contractors, equipment, meeting rooms, vehicles etc.

What Others Are Saying
“Great application to schedule & plan any type of resources in short, medium and long term.”
- Brad Davis
“Definitely the most powerful yet easy to use application to manage your resources.”
- Dace Osleja
“I don’t know how I lived without this software before, it’s really great! It’s a blessing for people who manage resources.”
- Kristian Van Berg
Booking Chart

Booking Chart facilitates identifying the right resource on the basis of custom defined attributes and booking them against projects. Bookings can be defined as billable or non-billable and billing rates can be defined at different levels.


Timesheet captures actual time spent on project / bookings. Timesheet approval method can be set as ‘Automatic’ or ‘Manual’ for every individual resource.

Utilisation Report

Utilisation Report tracks planned and actual utilisation & availability of resources at different levels. It provides data that helps in maximising resource utilisation.

Forecasting Report

Forecasting Report precisely forecasts resource shortage or excess. This helps in accurate resource planning in short, medium and long term.

Financial Report

Financial Report provides information regarding planned and actual cost, revenue and profitability of resources and projects at different levels. This contributes in financial decision making that can improve organisation’s bottom line.

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