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- Employee & Resource Scheduling & Planning
- Collaborative: Real-time data sharing
- Configurable to suite your requirements
- Drag & Drop scheduling
- Timesheet to capture actuals
- Utilization, Forecasting & Financial Reports


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#1 Software for Scheduling & Planning Employees, Equipment & Other Resources

Project Resource Scheduling & Planning at its Best

Enbraun’s eResource Scheduler is a specialised collaborative (multi-user) & configurable software that lets organisations schedule, plan and manage employees, equipment and other resources on projects and day to day activities. All employee and other resource infomation is kept in a central database that allows users to easily search & identify resources spread across offices around the globe and facilitates scheduling and planning them on projects.

eResource Scheduler is designed to assist all levels of the organisation...

  • Project Managers: Can submit request for employees and other resources to be scheduled on their projects. View who all have been assigned and what are the gaps.
  • Resource Coordinators: Can identify available employees and other resources with required attributes and schedule them on projects.
  • Employees: Can view their schedule and enter time spent by them on different projects.
  • Department / Office Managers: Can view where and how their staff is being utilized.
  • Senior Management: Can view resource utilisation reports at different levels (employee, office, overall etc.). Financial reports show cost and revenue figures form different projects.

Configurable Design

Resource Screen - Resource Scheduling SoftwareeResource Scheduler design allows it to be configured as per organization’s unique structure & requirements. Administrator can configure resource types (employees, equipment etc.), skills, working calendars, teams, departments, offices, roles etc. Access rights of every user can be defined according to his individual requirements.

Gantt Chart - Drag n Drop Scheduling

Scheduling Chart - Resource Planning Program Booking chart provides Gantt chart view of project assignments of employees & other resources and allows scheduling by simple drag n drop feature. User can easily identify staff based on required attributes and allocate them on different projects. Booking chart also allows planning multiple employees at one go and creating reoccurring bookings.

Timesheet Captures Actual Time

Timesheet - Project Resource Management Software Timesheet allows capturing actual time spent by employees on different projects. Automatic or manual approval method can be defined for every resource. Timesheet also allows capturing comments / notes for every time entry. Timesheet data is ultimately used for reporting actual figures such as actual utilization, actual cost, actual revenue etc.

Utilization Report

Utilization Report – Resource Scheduling Software Our resource management software has an inbuilt report that provides accurate utilization & availability figures at different levels i.e. Employee, team, office, manager, project etc. Utilization report can be viewed in different units (%, Hours) and views (Weekly view, monthly view etc.) and can be exported to excel for further analysis.

Forecasting Report

Forecasting - Resource Planning Software Forecasting report compares resource capacity v/s demand and highlights shortages and excess at different levels. It provides accurate information about when and where there will be resource shortages and helps in forming efficient resourcing plans. This report can be viewed in different units and views and can be exported to excel for further analysis.

Financial Reporting

Financial Report - Resource Management ToolFinancial report considers cost rates and billing rates of employees & other resources to calculate and report on planned as well as actual cost, revenue and profit figures. Charts allows comparing cost, revenue and profit figures across projects, resources, offices, managers etc. This report can be viewed at different levels and can be exported to excel for further analysis.

Multi-user Resource Scheduling, Planning & Management Software